Chow Sisters Bootcamp

The ChowSisters created a fitness boot camp to provide a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance. Whether you are new to exercising or an elite athlete all levels are welcome.
ChowSisters Bootcamp offers a challenging, and friendly environment for people of all ages!

Chowsisters 7 Classes Consist of:

•Olympic Lifting
•Glute Specific Training
•High Intensity Training
•Circuit Training
•Compound Movements
•Isolated Movements

The ChowSisters will make you motivated and thirsty to reach your fitness and nutrition goals! No class IS EVER the same so come prepared to be sweat! Classes are held at DYER FITNESS every Wednesday at 6pm 3972 Hastings Street North Burnaby!

First Class $10.00
Drop In $20.00
6 week package $90.00

You can pre purchase your bootcamp package online at