Shana is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She wants to help you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy and realistic way. However, achieving goals and pursing passions have not always been easy for Shana. Throughout her teenage years she struggled with eating disorders and body image issues. It was through nutrition classes and family support that she was able to overcome her eating disorders. However, her body image issues didn’t stop there. In her 3rd year at University she was in a bad motor vehicle accident, which left her injured and unable to work out for almost 2 months. She started consuming larger portions and not watching her body weight. During the following 2 years she put on an excess of 30 pounds. Her sister (Marja Chow), who is also a personal trainer, and furthers a holistic nutritionist, has always been a fitness role model to Shana. Marja encouraged her to lose the weight and through one on one coaching, training and nutrition consulting, Shana was able to keep off the weight for the past 6 years.

Before and after
Left image 2009/ right image 2016

Shana understands how hard it is to take the first steps with weight loss and is here to help guide her clients in the right direction. She understands that everyone is different, and through lifestyle changes her clients can achieve their weight loss goals and maintain this on their own.